The Business Model

• Ease of entry: Licensed User Agreement – no up-front equipment purchase.
• Revenue based on contracted monthly billing for treating entire healthcare facility 
• A Whole Facility Disinfection Treatment Plan is developed:
  – All rooms, hallways and spaces
  – Prioritizes spaces for treatment applications:

(1) daily; (2) as needed (e.g., upon patient room change), or (3) special threat.

  – Number and size of treatment applications determines monthly billed amount.
• Each facility assigned a Steri-Phase representative: oversees Disinfection Plan contract, training of staff, supplies and liaison with Steri-Phase home office.
• Each computer controlled Intensive Fog Unit records all applications for billing, tracking conformance with Disinfection Plan, performance evaluation, inventory control and litigation support.
• Mix of portable and installed Intensive Fog Units; each Unit will treat at least an average of 10 rooms per day @ $ 50+  per treatment.  

The Value Proposition

• Easily implemented, lower cost, safe, more effective and quicker.
• Computer controlled and monitored to ensure and track effectiveness, proper billing.
• Significant reduction in sickness and litigation.

• Labor efficiency; low skills needed

• Large expansion potential:

  – Restaurants, nursing homes, gyms, schools, cruise ships, planes, busses and trains, offices, military facilities and ships, theaters, etc… 

Cash Flow Comparisons

• A typical 300 bed hospital will have at least 20 Intensive Fog Units.
• Each X 10 applications/day X $50+ : $500.00.
• Monthly Billable per each Unit: $15,000.00.
• Monthly Gross Revenue, one hospital: $300,000.00


• Current costs of HAIs, per hospital, monthly: $2,500,000.00.
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