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Unsuitable Whole-Space Disinfection Technologies

There are some other new mist and radiation technologies capable of disinfecting an entire room at a time, and these are now being employed on a piecemeal basis in some hospitals. All of these technologies require at least an hour, to several hours, to disinfect a single room. The inordinate amount of time required and other drawbacks render these technologies incapable of impacting the overall level of pathogens in such facilities. 

Nor are they in any way suitable for use aboard aircraft for the purposes under discussion. What continues to be needed is a new way to attack the pathogen infestations and those constantly being reintroduced throughout heavily peopled spaces, including aircraft. Only Steri-Phase has the technology capable of achieving and maintaining a totally new level of germ free aircraft cabin environment and to do so within available staffing and time constraints.

NOW: Intensive Fog Disinfection

Introducing a new, major weapon in the war on germs – Intensive Fog – quick, pervasive, extremely effective and easily implemented for disinfecting whole rooms and spaces in minutes.

This new disinfection technology permits high profit margins while still saving the healthcare institutions billions in wasted expenses.

A brilliant European scientist has invented a nozzle that produces a fog that will completely fill a room or space with the formula within minutes, coating all surfaces with a thin film of the disinfectant. This invention is now proprietary to Steri-Phase.  

Steri-Phase is currently presenting an early stage investment opportunity and inquiries are welcome.

The Steri-Phase Technology

The Steri-Phase technology applies the physics of a seemingly unrelated science and achieves a monumental improvement in mist producing performance. With our new device, we are able to produce mist in much greater quantities than previously possible while still maintaining the remarkably small, fog-like droplet sizes. Despite the many other methods that have been used to turn liquids into mists of varying droplet sizes, the ability to produce small droplets, sub-50 micron in diameter, at a rate 15 to 30 times quicker, here-to-for was not possible.

The Steri-Phase device produces its micro-dense fog at the rate of 30 to 60 ounces per minute, depending on adjustments made for the particular application. As a consequence, Steri-Phase is able to spread a microscopic coating of a disinfectant throughout a space in 5 minutes or less. With no rinsing required by the chosen disinfectant, a total treatment time of 5 to 10 minutes is realized rather than the one to four hours required by all other misting technologies. This alacrity would seem to bring Steri-Phase fogging realistically into the realm of adoption on a daily-routine basis for the airline industry.

Laboratory Tested Effectiveness

On October 1, 2013, a prototype Steri-Phase Intensive Fog Unit was tested at the Pennsylvania Biotechnical Center in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The purpose of this test was to determine if the mist could provide sufficient coating with the chosen formula to achieve the disinfecting action already proven for the formula.

The test room was prepared with 12 pieces of laboratory test paper inoculated with e-coli bacteria. These were placed at low, medium and high heights; at immediate, mid and furthest distances; and, at horizontal, vertical and inverted orientations; and with obstructions permitted shielding the test pieces from direct fog dispersion.

The test and its results were overseen by Dr. Anand Mehta, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Drexel Medical College and a resident scientist at the Center. The room was fogged for three (3) minutes only.

The full test report is available from Steri-Phase and the conclusion of Dr. Mehta is as follows:


“These results clearly demonstrate that the Steri-Phase fogging system is capable of deploying  a mist that can completely sterilize bacteria within a 3-minute period. I am unaware of any other system that is capable of doing this.”


- Anand Mehta, D. Phil, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Drexel University College of Medicine (9/01/2013)


The effectiveness of the Steri-Phase preferred formula used in this test, which kills a host of bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens, has been proven by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  So, by inference, Dr. Mehta’s test also demonstrated that misting by Steri-Phase would also provide sufficient coating to be effective against all the pathogens confirmed by the EPA as killed by the formula.

A New Approach With Breakthrough Technology

• Proprietary rights to a newly invented device with unprecedented capability
  – fog-sized droplets, 15-30 microns – volume: ¼ to ½  gallon/minute (1-2 Ls.)

• In 3 minutes or less, this Intensive Fog© coats all surfaces with a thin, even film.

• Fog produced ten or more times faster than any other technology.
• Fog increases surface area of the liquid multiples of times.
• Kills all pathogens, yet  dries in a few minutes.

• A new disinfectant formula, approved by the EPA has proven effective as Intensive Fog.

The Exclusive Formula

Preferred use: Silver DiHydrogen Citrate formula for whole-space disinfection.*

• Fully tested and approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

• EPA rated Category IV for safety – does not require gloves, goggles or respirators.

• EPA approved for Use on Children’s Toys and Food Handling Equipment – without wiping.

* Steri-Phase technology can use other formulas.
* Patent applied for special use.
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