What is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States?


Most people are not aware that it is a number greater than deaths attributed to breast cancer, automobile accidents and HIV infections combined. While the media sometimes reports on an outbreak of a new killer germ, mention is seldom made of the overall impact of Healthcare Associated Infections, or HAIs, which kill about 99,000 people each year.


People routinely die in hospitals, most because they are already gravely ill or injured, and perhaps that reality dulls us all to the fact that at least a million and a half hospital admissions each year contract serious infections unrelated to their initial condition. Close to 100,000 of them will die as a result.


Understanding the underlying reasons for this situation simply requires looking at the healthcare scenario. It is the equivalent of an unseen war zone. Millions of people go to hospitals because they already have serious infections, and while there these people unwittingly release their particular germs into the air and deposit them on workers and visitors and the surfaces they touch or breathe upon—then normal contacts and air currents spread the germs throughout the hospital. These germs then invade other patients whose immune systems are already compromised due to their initial trauma or illness. The resultant HAIs bring untold misery and an unacceptable death rate.


Further complicating this scenario is the insidious ability of these germs to morph into strains immune to the latest drugs just developed to kill them, and these germs morph at a pace that outstrips our ability to produce new treatment drugs. We now call these “Multiple Drug-Resistant” pathogens, and they are killers. They include MRSA, VRE, c-dif and many others.



By contrast, more lives are lost to HAIs yearly than the combined loss of American lives during all the years of our warfare involvement in Korea, Vietnam and all the conflicts since then. Unfortunately, there is no UN Peace Keeping force that we can send into this infectious war zone. In a sense, what is needed is the equivalent of a way to stop the incoming artillery shells, clear the mine-fields, silence the snipers and stop the incursion of tanks. And as in warfare, there appears to be no substitute for “boots on the ground.” 


What is really needed is a “paradigm shift.” We need to somehow change the rules of engagement or to level the battleground. Trying to eliminate each individual invader is not working because germs are changing their appearance and armor quicker than we can adjust. Just trying to keep them out of our healthcare facilities would result in closing the doors to millions of people with real healthcare needs.


In reality, we currently rely primarily upon antiquated manual spray and wipe cleaning and multiple hand washings, and these methods simply cannot keep up with the invasion. The crying need is for a whole space, automatic, quick and effective means of killing all germ invaders. Is this possible? The answer must lie in a new formula that will kill all germs regardless of their resistance to drugs and that can be spread throughout rooms or spaces and touching all surfaces and materials within minutes without harming human life or the environment. We are pleased to announce that the formula and the means of quick and pervasive distribution have been found and are being introduced by Steri-Phase.


A few competitive misting technologies have emerged using toxic disinfectants and requiring an hour or more to accomplish disinfection of a single room. While these competitive technologies have proven that spreading a disinfectant via a mist is effective, their particular time-wasting technologies are not practical for busy healthcare facilities.


A brilliant European scientist has  invented a nozzle that produces a fog that will completely fill a room or space with the formula within minutes, coating all surfaces with a thin film of the disinfectant. This invention is now proprietary to Steri-Phase. Steri-Phase will soon be undergoing laboratory trials to confirm that this proven disinfectant used as a fog will kill any germs in the room or space.

Steri-Phase is currently presenting an early stage investment opportunity and inquiries are welcome.     


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