The History of Steri-Phase—inauguration of True Infection Prevention

Steri-Phase grew out of a relationship that went back over 10 years between the founders and a few European scientists. In 2012, these scientists achieved a major breakthrough in mist-producing nozzle technology. Applying a previously unrelated physics, they invented a new nozzle that explodes a liquid into tiny droplets less than half the diameter of a human hair, and at a speed unmatched by any other technology. This technology is able to produce a dense, room-filling fog within two to three minutes--30 times faster than any competitive technologies. Thus, the founders of Steri-Phase came to a startling realization-- a radically new approach to infection prevention would now be possible. ​


Each year, some 2 million hospital patients contract secondary infections, that is infections from pathogens encountered while in the healthcare facility.  Now known as Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), close to 100,000 of HAI infected patients do not survive. The Steri-Phase technology makes possible a quantum leap forward in preventing such infections.


Within the last few years, the use of disinfecting mists has been adopted by some hospitals as an approved method of treating entire rooms.  In general, such mists do a better job of contacting all surfaces, and getting into cracks and crevices more deeply, than the traditional “spray and wipe” methods. However, the current misting technologies require from 1 to 4 hours to disinfect even one room. Healthcare professionals have confirmed that this inordinate amount of time, together with the use of dangerous, toxic disinfectants, makes it impossible for a busy hospital to complete more than a handful of such room disinfections on a given day. Thus these current technologies are not widely in use and can not have a major impact on the number and severity of infections contracted.


Steri-Phase partners began to assess different disinfectants seeking one that assured quick and complete pathogen kills while remaining extremely safe for use around people. Such a disinfectant was found and test results confirmed that the Steri-Phase technology could disinfect a patient sized room in less than 5 minutes. Remarkably, this disinfectant was so safe that it was approved by the EPA for use on children’s toys WITHOUT WIPING OFF. 

It became clear that the Steri-Phase technology could provide a radically new, holistic approach to preventing infections. Current misting approaches can only be used on a very limited basis and follow after infectious outbreaks. After such an outbreak, they then disinfect the room where a person was infected. In contrast, the Steri-Phase technology makes it possible to get in front of infections with a preventative approach employed throughout the facility. Total facility pathogen reduction can now take place on a routine, even daily basis. Thus, pathogen populations now thriving in common areas and patient rooms can be wiped out according to a comprehensive infection prevention plan. And the danger of weakened patients coming into contact with potentially deadly germs of any kind, including the so-called  “Superbugs,” is greatly diminished. ​


Currently, Steri-Phase is providing live demonstrations of the nozzle's capability with a portable working model. Interested parties will witness first-hand the Steri-Phase nozzle’s ability to produce a room-filling fog that will contact all exposed surfaces in a room in minutes.


Interested healthcare facilities are being sought to beta-test the Steri-Phase technology in preparation for a commercial launch in the near future.

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