The Steri-Phase Business

Steri-Phase is bringing to market a breakthrough technology capable of disinfecting a space within minutes. The market potentially includes a variety of locations including hospitals and nursing homes, cruise ships, restaurants and any operations that can be adversely affected by infection causing pathogens. Hospitals are the initial focus for our business launch because of the documented suffering and deaths that pathogens cause there.
The operating speed of the Steri-Phase technology provides a tactical advantage over competitors whose processes play out over hours. The time advantage, however, is not the only competitive edge Steri-Phase brings. The supporting advantages include costs, usability, safety and the treatment plan.
The component that organizes the entirety of the Steri-Phase system for maximum impact is a treatment plan approach to reducing infection rates. In its simplest terms, our approach is to proactively eliminate infection causing pathogens before they have an opportunity to strike. This requires sufficient hardware, consumables and organization so that every space throughout the hospital is disinfected on a schedule necessary to accomplish the task. For some spaces like surgical suites, public and employee bathrooms, and therapy and radiology areas this will require daily disinfection.
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